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16a1hp038-aveek-chatterjee“IMT Hyderabad has enthused up my life in more ways than one. The academic rigor and extracurricular opportunities to which we are exposed are widening my intellectual horizons, polishing my managerial skills and shaping my personality to be relevant to today’s corporate context.”

Aveek Chatterjee
Batch 2016-18


16a3hp625-sukoon-sharma“My time at this wonderful institution has been filled with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The people I’ve met are a diverse and incredible bunch. The dedication, support and motivation of the faculty is remarkable, and enables students to improve themselves. With its state of the art facilities and engaging extracurricular activities, there is never a dull moment at IMT Hyderabad.”

Sukoon Sharma
Batch 2016-18

16a1hp032-ritika-bali“Life at IMT Hyderabad has been an extremely pleasing experience. I am amazed at how culturally diverse yet close-knit the IMT student community is. The beautiful campus is always bustling with energy and positivity. There are a plethora of opportunities and activities that will always have you pumped up. Learning has never been more fun and engaging.”

Ritika Bali
Batch 2016-18

 “16a1hp074-kunal-deepAn amazing place to learn where you get endless opportunities and endless possibilities. It offers the best platform for any student to develop into a full-fledged management professional. Every day in IMT Hyderabad is a new experience.”

Kunal Deep
Batch 2016-18


16a1hp084-hardik-arora“Experience at IMT has been one of a kind, it has been enriching with a vastly experienced faculty by our side. The campus itself feels like home instantly. Found friends for life over here and I’m looking forward to discovering new talents within me, IMT has been great to me and I look forward to a better future from here on.”

Hardik Arora
Batch 2016-18

15a3hp642-ayushi-pathak“Like many other, life at IMT was a new beginning.It has taught many lessons which came handy from receiving the uncensored freedom. I have been on a learning curve at IMT. Each day at IMT has been an array of trails and errors coupled with a drive to keep the things that are working right on the up. IMT has a lot to offer and I want to make the most of what I get! With promising to stand true to performance being reality, I hope to have the best of my memories here as well as a happy degree at the end. :)”

Aayushi Pathak
Batch 2015-17

15a3hp633-snigdha-kulukshetra“After having spent one year in the picturesque campus of IMT Hyderabad, I can say that the college has had an impact on my life well beyond the formal structure of education. It has taught me skills that have changed the manner in which I communicate with those around me. It has given me opportunities to reinstill my faith in the abilities I possess. It has also taught me how to effectively work in conflicting situations. I can very certainly say that the case-based course curriculum is only a part of the multifaceted learning and growth opportunities the college provides which extend into extra-curricular activities, personality development, industry exposure and a value system that every management student should have.”

Snigdha Kulshreshtha
Batch 2015-17

“IMT Hyderabad has been a dream come true and a perfect fit to nurture my career prospects. The curriculum and the structure of academics and all other related activities are so diverse that it makes you feel at home. Experiencing the corporate world through practitioner sessions and enjoying the practical aspects through various club activities has been a definite value addition. Life at IMT during this year is truly inspiring.”

Mukhesh V Sudarshan
Batch 2015-17

15a2hp437-shubham-maheshwari“IMT Hyderabad aided me to devote a head start towards my career and assisted me in gaining professional and business knowledge. My journey at IMT Hyderabad had always been a mixture of academics learning, art, sports and an exposure to corporate insight. With various events held by the various clubs and committees, it always delivers learning not only inside as well as outside the classrooms. IMT Hyderabad creates memories for life that will last forever.”

Shubham Maheshwari
Batch 2015-17

15a1hp045-mohak-agrawal“IMT-H is an epitome of learning where students fulfil their dreams, overcome fears and weaknesses to step into the world as smart and confident professionals. It is just not a place to earn the qualification or a degree but to be groomed holistically. The leadership skills which were ingrained in me while organizing Seminars, Workshops, academic and non-academic events in the Campus would always stand me in good stead. This place has immensely added to my persona and I will always cherish the memories I shared with this place.”

Mohak Aggarwal
Batch 2015-17




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