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Are the programs offered by IMT Hyderabad approved by AICTE?
Yes. All programs offered by IMT Hyderabad are approved by AICTE

What is the refund policy in case of cancellation of admission before/ after the commencement of program?
Since IMT Hyderabad is an AICTE approved institution, the fees refund policy is also as per AICTE norms. The refund policy of IMT Hyderabad is available on the website. Please CLICK HERE

Can I pay the fees in installments?
Fees are paid in Installments. The Fee Schedule will be mailed to you separately.

What does Hospitality Charges indicated in the Fees Structure include?
It includes the Hostel and Mess Charges.

Is it mandatory to join hostel?
Yes. All the PGDM programs are residential programs and hence it is mandatory to join the hostel.

When does the program start?
The Program will start on 13th June 2016. The academic calendar will be sent to you separately.

I have been offered admission to PGDM Program. What exactly is the difference between this and PGDM-Finance/PGDM Marketing?
IMT Hyderabad offers PGDM (Finance), PGDM (Marketing) and PGDM programs. All the three programs have a common first year.  In the second year, all students chose atleast 10 functional electives. Students enrolled in PGDM-Finance must mandatorily take five electives from finance specialization. Similarly students enrolled in PGDM – Marketing must mandatorily take five electives from marketing specialization. The 5 other electives out of the 10 electives to be taken, may be picked from the list of electives on offer from any specialization stream. In fact PGDM-Finance student can have core specialization if all ten electives are from finance or dual specialization by opting for five electives from Finance and balance five from a different specialization. PGDM students can choose all the 10 electives in any combination from any specialization in the second year, depending upon their career goal.

What is the placement scenario of the students?
IMT Hyderabad has a dedicated Corporate Relations Cell that manages the placement process for final year PGDM students as well as internships for the first year students. Placement details of the second batch of PGDM students who graduated in 2016 are available on the website.



How is the course plan chalked out?
The curriculum is chalked out after in depth analysis of industry requirements. It emphasizes on the critical thinking and aims at the holistic development of the student.

Does IMT Hyderabad have a semester system or a trimester system?
Semester system

How does IMT get all the students from different backgrounds to the same page before regular classes?
The institute conducts a two-week long Management Orientation Program (MOP) for all the students to help them get comfortable with the subjects and the new environment. After that, day long outbound activity is organized as an ice-breaker event.

Can I change my specialization once I select it?
Yes. You can, provided there are any vacant seats in the specialisation you desire for.

What is the Faculty to student ratio?
For combined student strength of two years, the current ratio is around 1:11.

What are the pedagogic tools used through the curriculum?
The pedagogic tools used in the curriculum include cases, debates, presentations, role plays and group projects. This involves 70-80% of the course. There is only 20-30% weightage for exams in the course. Around 30% of the course is taught by practitioners.

Any disadvantage being a fresher?
No. The pedagogy adopted makes sure that everyone is on the same page, by including cases and technique from undergraduate level with the industry practices that is understood by people with work-experience. Programs like Leadership Series, where eminent personalities from the industry come and interact, also helps in reducing the gap. Also, the institute has an extensive 14 to 18 week Internship program where the faculty is actively involved in picking projects for the student. This will give the student a lot of exposure.

How are the classrooms?
The classrooms are air-conditioned, Wi-Fi enabled and equipped with excellent audio-video facilities (projector). The lecture theatres have a seating capacity of 90.We also have databases etc.

Does the institute provide financial help?
Yes. The institute has tie up with bank(s).

What about other academic opportunities?
The institute has a lot of activities which provide other academic opportunities ─ Management fests like Bizbuz, showcase events, case study competitions. We have student exchange programs and if you get selected into the student official committees, it helps you explore a whole new side.

Residential Life

Is it mandatory for a student live on campus?

Yes, it is a residential program and the students live on campus. The lectures are also live and are accessible anytime of the day.

What will my room look like?
There are four huge student hostel blocks .The rooms are allotted on a single occupancy basis. The rooms are well furnished with a bed (we have to get our own mattress), study table, chair, side-table, almirahs and enough plug points for gadget savvy people. There are aqua-guard filters and water-coolers in each floor. Star attraction of the room is the dedicated LAN port which provides ultra-high speed internet facilities.

Where do I take my meals?
We have a Dining Hall and a canteen. The food is a mix of both north Indian and south Indian dishes .The mess committee monitors the menu and we have different menu every day. The canteen functions from 7:30 AM to 11:30 PM.  Hygiene is given the utmost priority.

How is the mix of students?
The student mix selected has students from various parts of India, with different exposure levels, people with work-experience etc. It helps in students from different backgrounds to mingle with each other and learn.

What about extracurricular activities like sports, clubs, etc.?
The clubs and activities are all run and managed by students, with an assigned faculty mentor. The clubs mainly focus on a creating a learning and team-working environment outside the curriculum. Hence, it is a part of the holistic education. Some of the clubs are the finance club, the entrepreneurship cell, the marketing club, etc.

Does the campus have facilities of ATMs for withdrawing money?
We have a Yes Bank ATM at campus.



Frankly speaking, though it is nearly 30 km from the city, but that is the best part. Away from the hustle-bustle of city, amidst lush greenery, the mind is constantly rejuvenated and that helps us handle the academic pressure with ease. The landscaping of institute is really scenic with several water-bodies and lawns spread throughout. Students do fall in love with the natural beauty of institute. It gives them the right environment to grow while their mind is in its learning mode.

How do I travel?
The management provides for daily shuttling of institute bus. On weekdays, it can give you lift upto Shamshabad and back while in weekends it is to and from the city.

Medical Facilities

Is proper medical care available at the campus?

The institute does have two doctors who can treat you in case you fall sick due to over-study or other reasons. The doctor comes to institute every day in 2 shifts – morning and evening for 1 hour each. There is a medical room with stocks of common medicines. If you require some other medicines you can always get it from chemists in Shamshabad.

In case of emergency what facilities do I have from the institute?
There is a car stationed in institute 24×7 and there is always the institute van in case of any emergency. Every student is covered by institute through medical insurance of up to Rs.1 lakh. So we have no worries whatsoever. There are many reputated hospitals within 5 km radius from the institute.

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