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Impact of Digital Technology on Marketing- By Prof. Jagdish N Sheth

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Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.” – Peter Drucker


dpp_023 (1)A fine Friday evening was all set to welcome a very esteemed guest at IMT Hyderabad. Born in 1938, he is famously known as the “Father of CRM” and very renowned business consultant. He is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at the Goizueta Business School of Emory University.

It was indeed an honour to have bought Prof. Jagdish N Sheth to our campus to offer a small workshop on the topic “Impact of Digital Technology on Marketing”. With over five decades of academic, consulting and various other leadership positions it was a pleasure to witness him live at IMT Hyderabad.  The list of his contribution to the world of Consulting, Marketing and Relationship Management is endless with a number of accolades and research papers under his name.

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Demonetization and its soul crushing effects on the students of IMT, Hyderabad

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One fine November evening, our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji, decided to cease the usage of all Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in India. The announcement was made during an unscheduled live telecast at 20:15 hours.

The government claimed that the demonetisation was an effort to stop counterfeiting of the current banknotes allegedly used for funding terrorism, as well as a crack down on black money in the country.

1478676599-9203Although most of us applauded the smart move made to improve our country, the fear of doing transactions was apparent on everyone’s clueless faces.
I still remember rushing to the cafeteria in an attempt to get Rs.500 ka chhutta but the guy denied straightaway. Then began the pain every IMTian went through, living in the outskirts of Hyderabad, surviving weeks without cash.
So, I thought why not have a last laugh on our situation. Better than crying right!?
1. Our reaction on hearing the news.
People possessing notes of SUCH HIGH denomination were heartbroken.
Modi Ji, why you do this?


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StarTrek- The Trends in the Service Sector

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If the manufacturing sector is an artery, then the service sector is a vein. Services; an important aspect which may decide the fate of a country in terms of its overall economic well being. To shed some light on the same, visiting speaker Ms. Anamika Sarma Iyer was invited to talk about, “Emerging Trends in Service sector”. Ms. Anamika is the associate Vice President in TATA Groups’ Sustainable Business division, and has bagged so many reputed awards throughout her career.


The event was a joint venture of IWN (Indian Women Network), “a network created by the women for the women” and IMT Hyderabad’s Operations club Opuskriya. We also had few other members from IWN, Dr. Nandita Sethi, B School Professor shared few anecdotes about the working culture of good service providing company such as TATA Group.

Ms. Anamika Sarma Iyer; the main speaker, caught the attention of each and every listener, with her simple, funny and intuitive style of speaking. It was the depth of her knowledge and sublime inter personal skills that made the entire session a one to remember for the foreseeable future. She broadly discussed about three aspects of service Industry which are:-

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“The tale of Mr. A: Marooned Without a Compass”- A #2016 Special

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gothic-calligraphy-alphabet-aWe found him on the nameplate first, let’s call him Mr. A
A’s door had a bunch of newspapers on the floor
All clawing at the door to be let in there,
But A? Mr A? He just didn’t care.
He’d locked up his door and he’d stayed right there.


I broke the door because A didn’t care I was there.
Like I was one of the papers, but the vapours they hit me
As soon as I was inside. I tried, oh god I tried to pry shut
The part of my mind that said it wasn’t anything but
The sorrowful smell of sweet, sound sleep.4246763223_35f4911ee2_b

A didn’t care, you see, because he was no longer there.
A was somewhere I couldn’t ever be,
And once I’d be there I would never ever ‘be’.
Let me spell it out, A was D-E-A-D
And I looked around ’cause all I could do was see.

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The Christmas Carol

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It was December and two days to Christmas, that me and my daughter, Lily, were out in the park, walking. She saw her friends playing with the snow and ran towards them to join; I sat down on a bench in the front, keeping her in my sight and started reading the novel. I loved reading, but there was no time left for any ‘me-time’ after Lily. I glanced up to check, but couldn’t see her. A shot of panic ran through and
keeping my novel aside, I started walking towards the other kids she was playing with. I couldn’t spot her anywhere, I walked a bit further and looked around and finally saw her sitting on a bench, and it seemed like she was talking to someone.

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IBS Fest: Aaveg’16

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As a proud student of IMT Hyderabad, I can say with utmost confidence that the current crop of supremely talented people has sports up its arsenal too. When I 2505090b98814ca4f87f16cca1202b4fwalked into the campus for the first time and saw the sprawling field at the center of the beautiful campus, I knew I would soon meet people who dedicated themselves to playing what they loved! Months later, when I foresaw my future in Hyderabad; I entered an excited kid who would get many opportunities to play. As the weeks went by, I found a good number of people engaging themselves in sports. Over the semester, many sports events happened in the college, the latest being Ace Connect, where students engaged with the corporates in a healthy, but a competitive bout of sportsmanship.

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SYNERGY, the HR club of IMT Hyderabad and More Than HR Global (MTHR Global), which is a new-age PAN India knowledge community, created with an aim to create and nurture outstanding HR professionals by connecting them to the knowledge and people they need, joined hands to put up an enriching and aggrandizing event: TRAILBLAZERS.
15626199_1297561636982821_5415479563552927518_oThis one-day grand affair was conducted on 18 December 2016, in the state of the art campus of IMT Hyderabad and was graced by the presence of the following eminent speakers:

  • Meera Shenoy, a social change maker, the founder of Youth4Jobs and a TEDx speaker.
  • S.P. Reddy, the founder of EnGenius and a Philanthropist.
  • Karunakara M. Reddy, the founder of Smaat India and WalkforWater.
  • Srikanth Bolla, the CEO of Bollant Industries and a TEDx speaker.
  • P. Madhava Reddy, a Social Media Awareness Crusader.


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I remember how you convinced me
That I knew nothing and needed help;
Your help!
That I needed
8073eba9e3a7614796e1b12ebcd60830-1To change my ways for people to like me,
To make them stay.

I remember blindly following your orders, your whims,
And your fancies.
It was always all about you, wasn’t it?

I remember telling myself
He is different
He cares
But is hurting.

He is a just a fallen angel
Who needs a lift back up.

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Have you ever pondered on what goes on behind the veil or what it takes to turn the wheels for delivering the groceries at your doorstep? Have you ever wondered what it takes to deliver to a remote location everyday almost twice a day? These were some of the questions and more that Mr. D V Giri was here to answer. Big basket is the number one online grocery store in India. Mr. DV Giri head, merchandising of honored us today at the leadership lecture series with the insights of what it takes to reach that position.

rsz_dpp_6056 Mr. Giri is a MBA graduate from IMT Ghaziabad. He had joined big basket in the year 2012 as the merchandising head and is now the process controller, where he manages a team of operation and supply chain managers. Never did we expect that we would get an opportunity to attend and interact with Mr. Giri. I profusely thank our Director Dr. Satish Ailavadi for bringing him for this lecture when they both met at an Alumni meet in Bangalore.

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The tale of A leaf and a Bud

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You were like an autumn leaf

Abandoned by the season’s grief,

Unknown to what future behold

To you, and what the bud foretold…

You promised always to be by the side of bud

Forever… But lifted your eyelids with a thud,

You saw thunder and storms,

The surroundings shifting to pale forms,

A beat skipped inside you,

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