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Grotesque Macabre- Think, Create, Celebrate

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There is no respect, love or understanding left for art in this new world of technology. People seldom pay any heed to an old vintage art and doll store hidden in plain sight around a corner, in any street.

Mr. Rudolph, an Old Russian citizen fled to the United States during the WW 2. His family – a wife and two beautiful daughters died in the effort. Ever since then he had been running a small shop called “Matryoshka” (meaning: Speak no evil, in Russian) in the state of Louisiana. Before the war he used to work at a bank in Russia as a clerk and doll making was his only hobby, most of his creations became  gifts to his daughters. But now in America he wanted to just make dolls in the remembrance of his daughters, so he took it up as a profession.

Settling in America was not easy for him, he was constantly called a Nazi, and stones were pelted at his shop. Rudolph started harboring hatred in his heart. The loss of his family and the constant reminder of the incident made him an insomniac and pushed him to the edge. He was losing his grip on sanity and was in dire need of some sort of hope or faith.

One fine morning, a sweet little girl visited his shop and started looking around like any innocent kid would. An already irate Rudolph growled at her to get out.  Terrified at the sudden growl, she stumbled and fell on the floor. Rudolph ambled towards her and saw her crying in the corner. He helped her up and sat her down on a chair. She was trembling in fear. Mellowing a little, Rudolph asked her where her parents were. Still sobbing, girl blurted out in broken sentences that she lived in the neighborhood and that she wanted a doll.

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Missing- Time To Farewell

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A small dedication to everyone who partakes in these myriad feelings of ‘missing’.

Scrambling through the box
I got hundred miles past
The One in a dozen
Just meant to festoon my room
There are posters of everything, well,
Or at least the essence of ‘things’ I’ve grown up feeding on.

I picture the right spots for the right things
What goes on the wall by the bedside and
The one I’ll face getting up every morning.

There’s stuff for the study table too-
Frames, a night lamp, a calendar
(to remind me how quick or slow the time goes by)
And a few books- you know the entrepreneurial ones of sorts.

Everything seems to be in its ‘place’
Except my heart may be
That thumps so hard
It could displace itself any moment.

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Impelz 4.0 Continues | Day-2

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Remember the last time we met? Well we are back with a summary of Day 2 and unfortunately the last day of Impelz 4.0.

The dawn greeted the 30 acres campus with the aftermath of yesterday’s late night bonfire. But IMT Hyderabad didn’t leave a single opportunity to amaze people. Day-2 started right where day-1 had left off.

Club members and visiting colleges were back with a renewed vigour as was the Impelz team, with another bunch of exciting events. The events started at around 10 am and continued breathlessly till 7 pm.

As of now you must be wondering about the event details! So here it goes—

Adtract by Mercatus Mantra: Major event of the Marketing Club of IMT Hyderabad.

26233427_1960872404167280_2485967904905132246_oThe competition dealt with the solution of a case-let provided to the participants in advance.

The most interesting thing about this event was the unabashed display of creativity and innovation by the participants. The team that came up with the most appropriate and creative solution to the case using Integrated Marketing Communication stood tall at the end.

Winner: Insightminers, MICA

Runners-up: Zyxt, SIMC – Pune

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Impelz 4.0 – Day 1

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When you think of a Fest, depending upon how much you know about the events that take place, you might be aware of the enormous amount of work that goes into making the fest possible.
You might be aware of the endless hours that are invested in ideating and planning, the massive production expenses involved in the implementation, and if you’ve had the chance of being the showman even once, you might even appreciate the tiny, seemingly insignificant details that one must consider when creating an event.

With such enthusiasm and hard work, IMT hyderabad hosted its fourth annual cultural event- Impelz.

It was a Friday morning like none other. The whole environment in the campus reverberated chills, thrills, excitement at the Impelz. The stage was set, clubs were ready for their minor and major events, the whole of IMT alive and kicking to put in their hard work and come up with a power packed day.

The opening ceremony kick started to bring out the heat and the energy endogenous to IMTIANS.
It was followed by an ovation worthy speech by the director who then lit the auspicious lamp to embark the spirit of being fair in and out of the competitive ambience.

It was indeed an exhilarating day with numerous events organised by different clubs with participation from an array of colleges. It was a challenge to the students to rack their brains for something not related to studies but fun! The entire day was nothing short of a roller coaster ride, here in IMT hyderabad.

Finacea: Prakshepan organized by Finacea, tested the financial acumen and presence of mind of its participants. The winners were SIBM bangalore and our very own college came second.
Insightix : The main event by Insightix the analytics club of IMT Hyderabad, started with an overwhelming participation. The shortlisted candidates thereafter presented their working and a plan in accordance to the real-life data and came up with a solution to show the profound knowledge one has in the respective field. SCMHRD, pune bagged the first prize where as the Wellingker, Mumbai became the runner up.

E-cell Pitch Up: The event hosted by the entrepreneurship club of IMT Hyderabad attracted Budding entrepreneurs who came together to pitch in new ideas for a business to convince prospective investors. IMT Hyderabad proved themselves to be the best amongst all while SIBM pune became the runners up.

Pahel however hosted their event, Jagriti, which pulled out the major crowd. The club allowed Nukkad Natak on various themes performed by different participating colleges. IBS Hyderabad won the event and IMT hyderabad and NMIMS Hyderabad stood neck to neck as they bagged the second prize.

MacVon and Eloquence: Toastmasters came together to host a madness of intellectual arguments. They organised an event named Rebuttal, aimed at exercising the debating and public speaking skills of the participants. The competition was two-fold with the first round, speech craft, as an extempore round and the second & final round in the form of a debate termed ‘the rebuttal’.
NMIMS Hyderabad emerged winners where as IMT Hyderabad were declared runners up for this event.

After the exhausting and fun-filled events, it was time for the participants and the hosts to sit back and enjoy their brilliant performance in the events.
Mudra, the dance event, akin to last year, gathered a great audience around the amphitheater.
The audience was full of adrenaline with people cheering and roaring for their respective teams and the grooving over the steps, the music and the competitiveness.
With brilliant amount of Coordination IBS Hyderabad won the event and the team 10.0 and Sumit & Nikita stood second.


A band performance with our very own Richa Khurana and Karan Kumar Gupta as vocalists rocked the stage.


If you think the day ends here, one of the major events of the fest followed and owned the night.
Who doesn’t like fashion and with fashion comes the great Ramp walk. Amaya, the major event of the club Antrangana, kept its pace to provide students with great amount of enjoyment. IMT HYDERABAD performed on the theme of love, lust and power and gathered the major cheering of the crowd. The other two participating teams were SIBM and IBS.


It was indeed a pleasure to watch the participants owning the stage in their varied themed costumes. SIBM and IBS Hyderabad bagged the first prize and IMT hyderabad stood second.
After all the scrambling and to-do lists, we can finally call it, a day to remember! The volunteers can now take a deep breath for their efforts have been paid off and pull up their socks for Day 2.

Written by:

Ashish Parakh

Batch of 2017-2019

Team Pareidolia


Pandora’s Box – the Night of Experiences

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First recorded in 1570, this word’s modern meaning stands, “a source of extensive but unforeseen challenging problems”. Though in classical mythology, Pandora’s P1“curiosity got the better of her, and she opened the box and all the evils and miseries of the world flew out to afflict mankind”, team Synergy made sure that in our event the troubles faced by the teams is rewarded equally well and hence the night wasn’t  as distressful as it might have been for Pandora’s people.

Talking of challenges, this was one night which surely was one of experience and learning. Not classroom learning, hell no! This was more of a test based learning, a test of one’s perseverance, the presence of mind, stamina, team coordination, speed, accuracy- a combination of all.

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Thor Ragnarok

10 Reasons why Thor Ragnarok is Marvel’s version of The Dark Knight Rises

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 We are Gods, ‘tis our purpose to set aright the path of lesser beings – Thor Odinson

Well, that was true till Taika Waititi decided that the hammer wielding God of Thunder should walk on the path set aside by lesser beings. I, for one, solemnly swear to keep my opinion on the MCU vs DCEU war (the war which is strictly in the minds of fan boys) to myself. What exists though is a rivalry between the twain that originated in 1930’s and has now transcended into movies. With the studios coming into the picture, casual fans too have started weighing their opinion on who is better. The purpose of this post is not to widen the rift but to lay the facts as to why Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s version of The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), albeit laced with a heady concoction of humour and music. To say that Ragnarok is only inspired by Chris Nolan’s Batman swansong would be an understatement. Let’s peel off the layers one by one.

God vs Knight

God vs Knight

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Umeed 1000 Cyclothon 2017- A noble gesture, a noble cause

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The Institute of Management Technology Hyderabad in association with Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad’s Alumni AssociationCharitable Trust, organized a charity meet at the IMT Hyderabad campus to facilitate the event of UMEED 1000 Cyclothon 2017 edition on 5th December 2017.

The event encourages charitable donations towards the education of girl children in India. Twenty two cyclists rode around the campus including it in their hundred kilometers a day stretch to raise awareness about this event.

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Trailblazers: Learning from the Best

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While I was younger, I frequently questioned my mother, how to be one of those big shots, whom the world renders powerful and inspiring. And pat would come the reply “You need to study a lot for that.” Over the years I have come to realize the significance of her words. Maybe, she wanted me to study more books and get better grades back then while I was younger, but then in the longer run “Study” is a lot more than simply reading a textbook. It is about studying the circumstances in and around, it is about the study of fellow human beings, nature, ecosystems, inventions, thought processes and what not!


Whatever may study be, it definitely is not about following the same path as a hundred others do. As Tracy Morgan rightly said: “Don’t follow in my footsteps. Be original, and create your own path. Be a Trailblazer! Do you!”

IMT Hyderabad in association with More Than HR Global helped me to get an answer to my aforementioned perennial question by organizing the event “Trailblazers: Learning from the Best” for the second time and calling over such eminent figures to speak about their own trailblazing journeys. ‘Trailblazers’, as an event, has become an eminent platform for HR personalities from all organizations to connect with each other and with the future generation of managers. The invigorating session with the speakers and the panellists brought out many not so talked about possibilities, changes and insights into the HR world.

To begin with, the event took off at an auspicious note with the lighting of the lamp and paying homage to the light of knowledge by Mr. Rajesh Kamath (Founder of MTHR), Dr. Anil Khandelwal (an influential personality and a speaker at Trailblazers), IMT’s Director, Dr. Satish Ailawadi and Prof. Sriharsha Reddy Sir. This was followed by Mr Rajesh Kamath’s brief introduction session with the esteemed audience members and director sir’s brief about IMT’s Hyderabad’s legacy of 6 years.

With the lamp lit and the introductions done, it was finally time for the trailblazers to take over the stage and inspire possibly the next couple of trailblazers. Dr Anil Khandelwal, Thought Leader, Author, Member- Banks Board Bureau and Former CMD –Bank of Baroda, commenced his speech. He went about running us through the entire course of his career at Bank of Baroda and positioned himself as an HR in IMG_0416a banker’s clothing. Amidst his witty talk filled with humorous anecdotes lay some tips of supreme value. At the outset, he went on to call HR- a profession of humility where people look for personal value system in a possible candidate or any other fellow human being for that matter. He hit the keynote of his talk with a conclusion worth more than a million by saying that the key to sustainable business is managing, nurturing and harnessing the human capital correctly and with utmost care.

That brings us to the second speaker Ms Jayanthi Sampathkumar, Guinness World Record Holder and Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft. A trailblazer in IMG_0453every sense of the word, this lady was a setting a different trail even at the event, amidst all the hue and cry about HR and HR discussions, she went on to profess her fondness for sarees, and how the idea of running the marathon in a saree struck her, her fitness regime and her AHM. Her speech rendered tremendous practical sense, especially to the students when she highlighted the need of achieving goals and targets, part by part, by setting weekly and yearly goals.

Next to the dais was Mr Murali Subramanian – CEO at Innovacx, a company committed to innovating customer experiences. He began with a brief up about his journey with Oracle in Hyderabad. He brought to the attention of the audience the relevance of speed-to-work organisations, spoke about how it is absolutely critical for companies to incorporate innovation not as a one-time process, but as a way of IMG_0478operating their businesses while facilitating that their consumers accept vendor innovation as soon as it happens. Apart from all this, he brought up the topic of customer-brand loyalty and the enhancement of loyalty programs. Illustrious as he is, he conferred us with well-known loyalty program examples, as that of Marriott’s loyalty building and customer rewarding scheme.

Post this was the panel discussion with an interlude of lunchtime networking which was another trailblazing experience for everyone. Last year’s TrailBlazers, went on with individual speakers telling their own journey. This year, the event upturned its own trail and introduced this new panel discussion format.

The notable panellists for the event were Ms Aruna Preetam – Global Compensation &Benefits Leader at TechMahindra, Ms Rekha Narendra – HR Director, Global Delivery Centres & OT at Kantar, and Mr L Prabhakar – VP-HR Agribusiness Division at ITC Ltd and the moderator Mr Rajesh Kamath himself. The panellists briefed us about their careers and their notion of an ideal trailblazer. This was IMG_0522followed by an interactive session between the moderator, panellists and the audience. The three esteemed speakers encouraged the listeners to be risk-takers, unafraid of failures, and pitch their ideas in the most impressive manner in order to garner executive support from the top tier of the corporate systems. More importantly, we were made familiar with the recent, dying and possible futuristic trends of the corporate world.

And as all good things come to an end, so did this event, but the enthusiasm resonated through the very room via every individual present there. The brilliant speakers were presented with a memento as a small gesture of appreciation, thus concluding my dreamy question with this session, where ‘big shot professionals inspire the world’.

Written By-

Shreya Banerjee

Class of 2019

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As She hides behind the hues

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She was on her toes over everything..then why did she choose to hide?
Ever since she stepped into the lush vibrancy of IMT Hyderabad..
Ever since she stepped into this life of legacy–
She had a perception of change..
A change in herself–a change within.
Years of dreams with a lot of whims finally had to part..
While she approached to her new life–hardly could she realize where her biggest misconception lies!
One fine morning finding nothing adorning –finally she realized the pain..
The pain of losing out,the pain of lonesomeness..
Its quite a bit now..
Its long now!The time has surpassed–
The sooner she realized nothing is same anymore, the more she got cornered!
Fastened by the morals of rigidity ,hardly could she express!
Hardly could she change!
Nowadays she prefers herself to be concealed..
Nowadays she finds herself in the nooks and corners of IMT hues!
Now she knows how to escalate!

Trisha Sinha Roy

Class of 2017-19


Home to Hostel- A paradigm Shift

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11th of June was the date when I landed in Hyderabad to kick start this new journey I was about to embark on. Till then it hadn’t dawned upon me about how big this change was going to be : It was only when the cab zoomed through the gates that read – Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad, that I realized the gravity of this paradigm shift.
With that being said, this situation might resonate with all of you who are here to experience the hostel life for the first time. We all came here with a set of predefined notions about the life in a hostel, didn’t we? I, for one, was totally enticed by the concept of living with friends in a hostel all thanks to Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots.


To say that my expectations were high would be an understatement. I was that stoked to experience hostel life, and it showed.

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